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$160M in Federal Funding for 2028 LA Olympics Transpo. and Infrastructure

The Los Angeles area is experiencing a wave of federal funding in preparation for the 2028 Summer Olympics. Senator Alex Padilla announced that over $160 million in grant funding will be allocated to various projects in the L.A. County area through programs established by the 2021 federal infrastructure bill.

The funding will support a range of initiatives aimed at enhancing mobility and connectivity in communities, particularly those divided by highways and arterial roads. Major projects include bus lanes and reliability improvements, pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure enhancements, and the creation of new park spaces and community amenities.

“With the 2028 Olympic Games around the corner, we have a responsibility to invest in transportation infrastructure that both makes the Games run smoothly and makes a lasting improvement to the mobility and connectivity of the communities who need it most,” said Padilla. “For far too long, communities across California have been cut off by the construction of highways and other transportation infrastructure, stifling mobility in the region. Thanks to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Inflation Reduction Act, we’re reconnecting our communities to decrease pollution, increase job opportunities, and remove barriers to economic and educational opportunity.”

This funding marks a significant investment in L.A. County's infrastructure, building upon previous successes of the Reconnecting Communities program. Similar initiatives in other regions, such as Atlanta, demonstrate a nationwide effort to address transportation challenges and promote community connectivity.

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