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$400 Billion Desert City in the Works

Bjarke Ingels Group and Bucharest Studio

Former Walmart executive and Billionaire, Marc Lore, has unveiled his vision for a new city in the American desert. The city would have five million inhabitants and requires that he raise $400 billion in funding. According to the project's official website, possible locations include Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Texas and the Appalachian region.

The new city dubbed "Telosa" would be as clean as Tokyo, diverse as New York and would boast the social service structure of Stockholm. The 150,000-acre city promises architecture that is environmentally friendly, sustainable energy and a drought-resistant water system. The plan also incorporates what planners call a "15-minute city design" that will theoretically allow residents the ability to access workplaces, schools and amenities within a fifteen minute commute from their residences.

The first phase of construction would come at a cost of $25 billion and would accommodate 50.000 residents on 1500 acres of land initially. The target population of 5 million is projected to be achieved within 40 years.

If all goes according to plan, Telosa's first residents could be arriving by 2030.

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