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Burbank City Council Denies Appeal in Effort to Stop Development at Old Fry's Location

Last month, an appeal aimed at halting the mixed-used development on the site of the old Fry's Electronics in Burbank was rejected by City Council. The appeal was filed by the activist group Save Burbank Neighborhoods (SBN) and it asserted that the project would contribute to traffic congestion and would also have an adverse environmental impact on the surrounding area.

In an appeal to the council, SBN representative, Roy Wiegand stated, “I find it irresponsible – even reckless – to move forward with high-density projects like this until [the water crisis] is resolved.”

The appeal was rejected as the City of Burbank Community Development Department found no evidence of impact on public health or safety with the project plans. The developers also provided a Sustainable Communities Environmental Assessment (SCEA) that found negligible environmental impact from the proposed project.

Based on these two findings, the Burbank City Council unanimously denied the appeal.

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