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Caruso Publicly Supports TV City Project While Privately Opposing it

Getty, Capital Partners

Mayoral candidate Rick Caruso recently announced at a Hollywood Chamber of Commerce event that he supports entertainment development while behind the scenes, his firm opposes the redevelopment of Television City. According to Zach Sokoloff from Hackman Capital Partners, the developer behind the project, Caruso's company supports an entity called the Beverly Fairfax Community Alliance. The organization's aim is to, “publicly raise and address significant concerns,” with the Television City project.

Caruso was quoted as saying, "I am completely in support of the redevelopment of Television City." However, mailers sponsored by the Alliance have recently been sent to residents urging them to oppose the redevelopment project. “I’m aware of the misalignment of businessperson Caruso’s private actions and public Caruso’s public statements,” said Sokoloff in response to Caruso's chamber of commerce statements versus his firm's actions.

What is at stake is a 1.8-million-square-foot Television City Development that will house sound-stages, offices and retail spaces. The project is adjacent to Caruso's The Grove shopping center.

In recent months, Caruso contends that he has stepped away from his firm, seemingly distancing himself from his company's actions. "I have never opposed a project in my life and I don't oppose this one." said Caruso at the Chamber event.

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