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Funding Approved for Construction Career Programs in Denver High Schools

Credit: Luis de Leon

Denver City Council has approved funding for the Construction Careers Program curriculum to be expanded in Denver High Schools. The fund has been established to increase the pipeline of new construction talent in Mile High City. Like all industries, construction is looking for innovative ways to recover from the labor shortages that have affected workforces.

“Specifically, what we are aiming to do is introduce area youth to careers in construction specifically in the skilled trades," said Marcus Johnson of Denver's Workforce Development Program. Currently, four schools in the Denver area utilize the program but with the additional funding, expansion is close at hand.

The curriculum will instill fundamental skills in using certain tools and materials and will show the ins and outs of construction projects. Students who graduate from the program will have certification in skilled trades and graduates will be in a better position to get internships with construction companies.

“There’s sometimes a gap between in-class training and on-the-job training. And this helps close that gap," said Johnson.

The program is not the only one in the Denver area as other programs like the United Brotherhood of Carpenter's Career Connections program are implementing a trade-specific high school program as well. In the end, these programs aim to not only draw new talent into the trades but to change the perspective of potential applicants so that construction careers are seen as a viable alternative to post-secondary education.

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