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Ground Broken On World's Largest Wildlife Crossing

Wallis Annenberg Foundation

Construction has commenced on what will be the largest wildlife crossing in the world. The Wallis Annenberg Wildlife Crossing will span 10 lanes of highway in Northwest Los Angeles and will serve to connect a gap in the Santa Monica/Simi Mountains crucial to quality of life for area fauna.

Dignitaries including Governor Gavin Newsom and Senator Alex Padilla were on hand for a ground breaking ceremony earlier this month.

“We can protect California’s ecosystems without jeopardizing the transportation and other infrastructure development that we need for a growing population,” said Padilla at the ceremony.

Anticipating the impact of the land bridge, Newsom has promised $50 million to develop other similar projects throughout the State. “This project is truly incredible,” said Wade Crowfoot, California secretary for natural resources. “We will look back decades from now and realize that this project galvanized a new era of conserving and reconnecting nature.”

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