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Habitat for Humanity Finds Workaround to Continue Building Amidst Record High Lumber Prices

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Habitat for Humanity has found a solution that will allow them to keep building as lumber prices soar.

For an organization that relies on donations to operate, this season's skyrocketing lumber costs have threatened to derail projects. To combat the inflation, Habitat has begun using insulated concrete forms instead of traditional lumber.

The rebuilding effort in last year's fire-ravaged city of Paradise, CA, is utilizing this alternative building material: Insulated concrete forms.

"These forms are like Legos and we're going to pour concrete into there, and so they're going to be well-insulated homes," said Nicole Bateman from Habitat for Humanity.

Greg Lewis from the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association added that insulated concrete forms are "substantially less expensive to build than if they were to use a traditional stick frame solution." Another plus? They're fire-resistant.

Habitat projects six homes will be completed in Paradise this year with three of them built using ICF.

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