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Huizar Scandal Shakeup: Carmel Partners Admits to Pay to Play

The Real Deal

Real estate management firm Carmel Partners has agreed to pay 1.2 million dollars to avoid prosecution in the ongoing former Los Angeles City Councilman Jose Huizar's pay-to-play corruption case.

The former City Councilman is alleged to have received $1.5 million in cash and gifts from developers that had projects that required city approval.

Carmel Partners changed its name in recent months, following allegations of its involvement in the scandal. CP-Employers, as the company now goes by, admitted to contributing $75,000 to Huizar's Political Action Committee.

The company's name might have changed, however, the stain of corruption might not be so easily erased from their legacy.

Two other real estate development companies and their executives, 940 Hill LLC and Shenzhen New World Group, have also been charged in the case. Shenzhen Hazens, another corrupt developer, agreed in October to a similar non-prosecution agreement in which it would pay a $1 million fine.

Huizar has pleaded not guilty to 41 counts that involve criminal racketeering or fraud and his trial is set for June.

Can we expect to see more high-profile developers ensnared in this scandal before then?

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