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IBEW Lauds Made in America Initiatives, Off-Shore Wind Projects

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Lonnie R. Stephenson, International President of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, issued this statement on the Biden-Harris Administration’s new actions to advance offshore wind, leverage public lands for clean energy, and build new electrical transmission lines:

“The IBEW’s 775,000 members applaud the efforts of the Biden-Harris administration to hold a record-breaking offshore wind lease sale off the coasts of New York and New Jersey, and to ensure offshore wind projects will be built with union labor and material made in America.

The New York Bight lease sale is projected to generate up to seven gigawatts of clean energy, which will power millions of homes and create thousands of good-paying jobs in nearby communities. By including innovative leasing provisions, bidders will be encouraged to enter into Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) that will use union labor. A new federal-state partnership will also ensure local residents — including underserved communities — will benefit from these new developments.

“Our members recognize and applaud the inter-agency work by the Departments of Transportation, Energy, and Interior to improve coordination and prioritize reviews for renewable energy projects that will lead to a brand new U.S. clean energy industry and the creation of 80,000 good-paying jobs by 2030.

“The IBEW supports the Administration’s announcement of the new ‘Building a Better Grid’ initiative, which will support the nationwide buildout of long-distance, high-voltage transmission lines, as well as updates to the existing electric grid. The initiative will harness new funding made available through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the largest investment in the power grid in American history. IBEW members have built and maintained transmission lines and the electrical grid for over 130 years. We look forward to working with the Biden Administration to ensure this initiative will build the foundation for the new economy of the future with skilled union workers.

“IBEW members and apprentices stand ready to work with this administration to install and maintain the next generation of low-emission energy projects that will power America for decades to come.”

Read press release on IBEW


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