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In Anticipation of Solar Boom PCL Launches Subsidiary

PCL Construction

PCL Construction has launched PCL Solar in anticipation of upcoming projects in the North American and Australian markets. Offices will be located in the U.S., Canada and Australia.

“For the past 12 years, PCL has focused on growing our solar construction market and a formalized operation will support the significant growth we see in 2023 and beyond,” says Andrew Moles, general manager of solar for PCL Construction. “In 2021 alone, the team doubled in size and increased revenue by 60 percent.”

PCL Solar will take on the duties of: estimating, design, performance analytics, solar-specific technology, project execution, and in-house commissioning. With this model, PCL will be able to keep 75% of the work in-house allowing for greater control over scheduling and costs.

“Across the world, governments are demonstrating ongoing support for renewable energy, including legislation such as the IRA. The formalization of our solar business will reinforce the growth in renewable energy while positioning us for the many opportunities to come,” says business development manager for PCL’s solar operations, Rodolfo Bitar.

Bitar added that next year, it is expected that PCL will work on anywhere from six to eight solar projects in the United States at any given time. And that work flow is expected to increase steadily over the years to come.

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