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Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Construction Adjacent Chaplain Towers South Caused Surfside Collapse

Gerald Herbert / AP Photo

A recently filed class-action lawsuit alleges that new construction next door to the Champlain Towers South Condominiums caused the collapse that took the lives of nearly 100 people. The lawsuit contends that not only were the parties directly connected to the Champlain Towers condominiums at fault but that the developer behind next door's, Eighty Seven Park Miami is also responsible for the tragedy.

The complaint cites negligence and alleges that multiple warnings from Champlain Towers' residents concerning vibrations and other problems were disregarded by the Eighty Seven Park Miami developer.

According to the filing, “CTS was an older building in need of routine repairs and maintenance, but it was not until excavation and construction began on Eighty Seven Park that CTS became so badly damaged and destabilized as to be unsafe.”

The developer, 8701 Collins Development, LLC, denies the allegations.

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