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LiUNA Statement on House of Representatives' Failure to Vote on Infrastructure Bill

Terry O’Sullivan, General President of LIUNA – the Laborers’ International Union of North America – made the following statement today after further delay by the U.S. House of Representatives in passing the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill:

Tonight's failure to vote on the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill is a betrayal of working men and women and the communities where they live and work. By continuing to hold the legislation hostage, the Progressive Caucus is committing an act of treachery that will paint them as elitist, out of touch, anti-worker, job-killing, amateur game-players in the eyes of working people and union members. They appear willing to forego the opportunity to make historic investments in safe transportation options, clean water, and hundreds of thousands of good union jobs that will build a stronger and more prosperous middle class. Their antics threaten to destroy not only livelihoods but also the Biden Administration and the Democratic party.

Even after Speaker Pelosi announced her intention to vote on the infrastructure bill this evening, the Progressive Caucus continued to hold the infrastructure bill hostage and thereby threaten the entire Build Back Better framework they claim to be fighting for. They need to be stopped. This tone-deaf approach to governance is offensive and a losing political strategy.

The strong, proud, and united members of LIUNA are activists and advocates. We fight for what we believe in and who we believe in. We will continue to fight for good jobs, our future, and for leaders like President Biden and Speaker Pelosi who stood shoulder to shoulder with us in this fight, and we will not forget nor forgive what the Progressive Caucus has attempted to do to destroy middle-class jobs. Working people and our members will act accordingly in the mid-term election.

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