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Los Angeles Elected Officials Spend Night in Tiny Homes Community for Homeless


Earlier this week, Los Angeles City Councilmen Bob Blumenfield and Kevin DeLeon and California State Senator Henry Stern spent the night in a homeless community scheduled to open next week in Tarzana, CA. The Tarzana Cabin Community is on the grounds of the Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission and will entail 76 tiny homes, 10 bathrooms and 10 showers.

“These tiny cabins are a hell of a lot better then sleeping on concrete, cement and asphalt,” DeLeon said afterward.

Currently, the facility in Tarzana is the seventh community of this type in Los Angeles. Five more are in the planning stages or under construction.

“Get folks directly off the streets, into a better environment, an environment that has a roof, that has a locking door, that has air conditioning, heat, power, and most importantly its got services, and a service provider that will work with them,” said Councilman Blumenfield.

Deleon added, “at minimum, at least we can do that, give them a locked door give them a sense of dignity.”

The Tarzana Cabin Community will house 150 inhabitants.

Read full story and watch coverage on CBS Los Angeles

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