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New SELA Cultural Center Planned for LA River

Gehry Partners LLP

On December 19th, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors gave the green light for development of the Frank Gehry designed Southeast LA Cultural Center, or SELA Cultural Center. This center will be built on a County-owned site where the L.A. River and the Rio Hondo meet.

Encompassing approximately 85,000 square feet, the complex will feature various structures, including a performance hall, a music education area, recording studios, a dance theater, a cafe, workshops, and galleries. The plans also include the creation of a plaza, gardens, and a parking lot. Currently spearheaded by the San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Rivers and Mountain Conservancy, the project has raised $124 million in state funding and additional philanthropic support.

A motion put forth by Supervisors Janice Hahn and Hilda Solis, representing South Gate on the Board of Supervisors, emphasizes that the center's development aligns with the goals outlined in the Countywide Cultural Policy, which advocates for the establishment of new county-owned creative spaces. Furthermore, the center aims to provide a dedicated space for youth arts and education, encompassing creative work spaces, training facilities, and opportunities for performances and presentations.

The Board of Supervisors' vote mandates the County's Chief Executive Officer and other departments to formulate a work plan for the SELA Cultural Center project and deliver a report within 90 days.

This cultural center marks the start of the first of seven signature projects from the Lower Los Angeles River Revitalization Plan, focusing on the river corridor south of Downtown Los Angeles. Renowned architect Gehry, who designed the SELA Cultural Center, was instrumental in developing the County's master plan for the entire 51 miles of the river.

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