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Parody Site Digs Fun at San Diego's Problem Plagued, High-End, Pinnacle On the Park Apartments

Frustration has boiled over at an apartment building in trendy East Village San Diego. An influencer with a bone to pick has come up with an interesting way to highlight some of the problems that have beset the high rise over the years. The Instagram account, Pinnacle on the Park Official skewers the apartment community's official Instagram.


The content of the two sites are disparate to say the least.

At the time of this writing, the parody account has significantly more followers, many of whom actively taking part in comment section conversations.

Social media posts have pointed up various issues the building has had from over the years. News reports of shootings, photos of trash strewn hallways, video of fires, mobs of unmasked partiers in the lobby, the list goes on and on; each foible presented in a mocking way.

Even though the site pokes fun, the issues it highlights are very serious. With apartment costs ranging from $2500 for a studio to $5000 for a two bedroom, the influencer is trying to make a point that people are not getting what they're paying for. And a running theme is that many of the apartments are actually being used as Airbnb rentals which has led to most of the problems. As one commenter says, "I can't imagine anyone living there as tenants." and another asks, "Do people actually live there?"

When reached for comment, Pinnacle management's response was that "the Airbnb problem has been fixed." They went on to say, "renters who were in breach of their lease agreements have been evicted."

But a visit to the high-rise on a weekend night, seems to bely this claim. Regularly, the lobby is packed with beer toting revelers and out of towners. If what this reporter witnessed last weekend is what change looks like, one wonders what it was like before. Regardless of whether the problems have been addressed or not, it will take some time before the building can recover from its image as a party hotel and live up to its original premise as high-end community living.

Until than, accounts like this one will have plenty of material to cull from.,

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