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Planning Stage for $600M Mesa, AZ Google Data Center


Google is set to construct a $600 million data center facility in Mesa, Arizona, as outlined in a company press release. This new Mesa data center will play a pivotal role in supporting widely used digital services worldwide, including Google Search, Gmail, Google Cloud, and more.

“We are proud to put down roots in Arizona with both the data center in Mesa and the Phoenix cloud region,” said Joe Kava, vice president of data centers at Google, in the release. “Not only do data centers help keep digital services up and running for people and businesses, they are economic anchors in the communities where we operate.”

Additionally, the tech giant has unveiled plans to introduce a new Google Cloud region in Phoenix that will complement its existing global network of regions. The new region would bring Google Cloud technologies in closer to local clientele, encompassing businesses of all sizes and public sector entities. This will enhance the delivery of digital services to users through increased reliability and speed.

This year, Google continues intensifying its investments in data center construction across the United States. The company recently announced a $1.7 billion commitment to expand its three data center campuses in Ohio, following closely on the heels of a $350 million announcement to extend its data center campus in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Last year, Google invested approximately $9.5 billion into its office and data center developments across the country, including the creation of hyperscale facilities in Tennessee, Virginia, and Oklahoma, according to the company.

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