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Pre-development Agreements Have Two Teams Vying for L.A. Metro Contract


STCP-Bechtel was awarded $69.9 million and LA SkyRail Express (a consortium made up of John Laing, BYD, Skanska and HDR) was awarded $63.6 million for rail concepts aimed at linking the San Fernando Valley and West Los Angeles, and eventually, Los Angeles International Airport. The Sepulveda Transit Corridor Project will have an estimated price tag of $9.5 billion when completed.

With the ability to see detailed concept proposals before committing to them through the PDA structure, the MTA believes that the likelihood of the project coming to fruition will increase. So far the two teams have proposed markedly different solutions.

STCP-Bechtel's heavy rail concept incorporates a line that would travel mostly below ground with an aerial section while LA Skyrail Express is proposing

a monorail that tracks primarily along the I-405.

“These two firms are effectively competing with one another to design and deliver the greatest benefit for the available funding that Metro has. And Metro gets two different alternatives — one above ground and one below — to satisfy their stakeholders and explain whichever decision they ultimately choose,” said Yousef Salama, a former senior manager with Metro.

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