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President Biden Looks to Unions for Infrastructure Planning

The White House/ Youtube

The President met with Union bosses while he nominated Jennifer Abruzzo as the new head of the National Labor Relations Board. The appointment comes on the heels of the administration forcing out Trump appointee, Peter Robb, in January.

Biden also looked to strike down a Trump era apprenticeship called the "Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Program." Democrats argue that it lacked proper government oversight and that the program led to inadequate training, and limited opportunities for women and minorities.

"I think we have an incredible opportunity to make some enormous progress in creating jobs — good-paying jobs, Davis-Bacon and prevailing wage jobs — to rebuild the infrastructure of this country in a way that everybody knows has to be done." Biden said of the changes,

He is expected to provide details for his multi-trillion dollar Build Back Better infrastructure program during his State of the Union address on Feb. 23.

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