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Protests at Chapman University Bring Labor Issues Front and Center for Students

TATIANA DOUAIHY, Chapman U. Social Media Manager

A labor protest is making headlines at Chapman University and shedding light on school hiring practices. The university has contracted labor union antagonist, Rd Olson, for construction work on a new campus dance center which has prompted the Chapman University Panther Newspaper to investigate. Currently, demonstrators are flying a highly visible banner and distributing handbills on campus attracting the attention of student passersby.

According to the student-run newspaper, members of Carpenters Local 714 have an open labor dispute with Chapman University, RD Olson, and Framing Specialists Inc. The protestors claim that the contractors are repeating many of the same allegedly unscrupulous employment practices that have continually put them at odds with trade unions; specifically, denial of benefits, pension, and lack of adherence to area labor standards.

Sophomore student Lauren Moyle wasn't surprised to see another demonstration voicing displeasure with the university, "Given Chapman’s history, like (how they handled) COVID-19 situations, I’m not surprised to hear they’re hiring a company that (is involved in the dispute). A lot of the things they (promise) are very performative.” She added, “We should know how Chapman treats not just its students and faculty, but (also) the people they hire (externally).”

Read full story on The Panther

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