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Retractable Corner Seats to Increase SoFi Field Size Ahead of World Cup

AP Photo/Kyusung Gong, File

SoFi Stadium is set to kick off renovations today to expand its playing field area for the upcoming 2026 World Cup. They are aiming to address lingering concerns from detractors about field size.

The Los Angeles Rams' COO, Kevin Demoff, explained that the construction involves replacing concrete in the lower bowl corners with retractable bleacher risers for soccer matches. Despite not securing the World Cup final, SoFi Stadium will play a significant role, hosting the U.S. men’s national team's opener and two group play matches, along with additional games throughout the tournament.

“It was always a goal of ours to have the opening match for the United States , and so to be able to have that is something we’re proud of,” said Chris Klein , the local host committee’s co-chairman and former U.S. national team player. “The historic soccer culture in Los Angeles , and all the historic matches that have been here, to continue that with our team at such a pivotal moment for the sport in this country is something we’re really proud of.”

The changes, set to be completed by May, include a temporary grass field and will be financed by stadium owner Stan Kroenke. Demoff dismissed previous concerns, stating that the venue was always designed for this. “There was a lot written over the past few years about our venue and what it could or couldn’t do, and none of it was accurate,” Demoff said. “The venue was always designed to host a World Cup. The changes that we will make to the stadium were always contemplated for the World Cup. It’s a pretty easy fix.”

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