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San Diego County District Attorney, Summer Stephan, forms "Workplace Justice Unit"


In a press conference yesterday, District Attorney Stephan announced the formation of the new unit dedicated to protecting workers' rights. The Workplace Justice Unit will be charged with protecting workers' rights by prosecuting criminal wage theft cases and stopping labor trafficking.

“Together with California Labor Commissioner Lilia García-Brower and our law enforcement partners, we will work even harder to deliver justice for workers who are repeatedly abused by dishonest employers. Wage theft and labor trafficking are serious problems that we are working on in partnership with the community. We’re not going to allow workers to be exploited by heartless, greedy employers who break the law to line their own pockets,” DA Stephan said.

San Diego Board of Supervisors Chairman Nathan Fletcher added, “The Workplace Justice Unit is a vital step toward San Diego County’s new focus on protecting worker rights and fighting for employee fairness.”

The Unit will be comprised of a dedicated prosecutor, District Attorney investigator and a paralegal. They will focus specifically on prosecuting unfair business practices, wage and hour violations, payroll tax evasion, wage theft and labor trafficking cases.

Read full press release here

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