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Subcontractor Transparency Ordinance Coming to San Diego


Last week, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors voted in favor of two ordinances requiring contractors provide more information on subcontractors working on their projects. The ordinances will target job sites in unincorporated areas throughout San Diego County.

The ordinance will mandate the following information is provided before a subcontractor begins work:

  • subcontractor specialty, name and contact, license number, address and workers compensation policy

  • subcontractor work start and end dates

  • detailed scope of the work done

  • verification of Occupational Safety and Health Administration or wage violations

  • subcontractor Disadvantaged Business Enterprise status

  • special safety licenses or training requirements for a subcontractor’s scope of work

The projects that will fall under the mandate are:

  • building permits for new commercial or residential tracts (five or more lots) and multifamily construction projects (five or more units), commercial tenant improvement projects over 10,000 square feet and projects associated with General Plan amendments

  • right-of-way permits for transport of energy, sewer or water projects subject to the state prevailing wage; and projects not subject to state prevailing wage (excluding driveways and retaining walls)

SD Board Chairman, Nathan Fletcher has been an avid proponent of upgrading policies governing subcontractors. He stressed that transparency in the subcontractor space, "is vital to protecting workers and ensuring project work sites are safe and completed correctly by a skilled workforce.”

According to Chairman Fletcher's office, county building permit numbers range between 14,000 and 18,000 while around 2200 right of way permits are issued per year; the overwhelming majority of which use subcontractors.

The new policies are expected to take affect June 10th, 2022.

Read full article on Times of San DIego

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