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Uncommon 24 Project at Former Chatsworth LA Times Facility Progressing

Hunter Kerhart Architectural Photography

A year in and rebar pillars and concrete have transformed into fully-framed apartment buildings at Uncommon's 24 campus in Chatsworth.

This mixed-use complex, once the site of an L.A. Times printing facility and now the headquarters of MGA Entertainment (the company behind Bratz dolls), was approved for redevelopment nearly a decade ago. The project will include 255,000 square feet of office space and 660 apartments with shops and restaurants on the ground floor.

The initial phases of the project, situated at Prairie and Winnetka, are already complete. Construction for the final phase began in 2022 along the southern edge of the site, adjacent to a Metrolink and Amtrak rail corridor.

Designed by Works Progress Architecture, the project represents the third phase of the 24 campus. It features six-story buildings containing 89 and 172 apartments.

"Four distinct landscapes were conceptually developed and programmed from an extensive list of amenities including, but not limited to; community gardens, a public plaza and amphitheater, children’s playground and a community dog park," states a design narrative from Works Progress. "These programs extend upwards and onto the building, forming a continuous vegetated link between the ground level plaza and rooftop amenities of various heights."

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