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Video of AZ Construction Company Owner Assaulting Worker Goes Viral

Tik Tok

A video showing a man, Brent Michael Hospelhorn, assaulting a woman and verbally abusing her on a construction site has been viewed over a million times. Hospelhorn is owner of BPH Construction in Scottsdale, AZ. and the incident took place on a job site in north Phoenix. Hospelhorn confronted the woman about allegedly scratching cabinets in a building under construction. In the video, Hospelhorn can be seen slapping the woman, berating her, and threatening to fire her as other workers look on.

The video was initially posted on TikTok by Guadalupe Solano, and it quickly gained attention on various social media platforms. Text over the video states, "no one can treat you like this, even if they're the owner simply because the cabinet was scratched." Users who reshared the video, expressed outrage and demanded accountability from the Phoenix police for seemingly not arresting Hospelhorn.

The Phoenix police has since released a statement dispelling the claim of inaction on their part. According to a police statement, Hospelhorn was in fact, detained for assault, cited and released on site. The statement suggests that the social media claims are inaccurate and Hospelhorn has been "recommended for charges." Phoenix police spokesperson Sgt. Robb Scherer told The Arizona Republic. "Citing him is not letting him go, he has a court cite to attend."

Read full story on AZ Central.

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