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West Hollywood Gearing Up for Transformation, Plans for Section of San Vicente Boulevard to Convert into a Shared Street.


A presentation to the West Hollywood City Council's February 5 meeting will showcase plans to convert a section of San Vicente Boulevard into a shared street . Referred to as the San Vicente Streetscape Plaza project by the design firm !melk, the initiative focuses on a one-block segment between Melrose Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard, near West Hollywood Park.

Collaborating with !melk, the city of West Hollywood aims to enhance the plaza permanently, aligning it with the adjacent Stories: The AIDS Monument. The proposed design, is outlined in a city staff report, emphasizing a "pedestrian-centric strategy" influenced by Dutch woonerfs.

The plaza, spanning approximately one-third of an acre, will be elevated on a "street shelf," featuring ramps at the north and south ends to seamlessly connect the street to protected bike lanes and sidewalks. This design not only promotes slower vehicle speeds but also enhances accessibility for individuals with special physical needs.

The plans include a movable center median with planters on embedded tracks, serving as crash barriers during public events. Above ground, "sky sanctuaries" in the form of shade structures will house greenery and rainwater capture infrastructure.

The estimated cost of constructing the plaza ranges from $13 million to $18 million, with potential funding sources from county, state, or federal grants covering up to 80 percent of the expenses. The staff report suggests that the project could be completed by 2030.

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