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Work on Airport Metro Connector Station Begins as Crenshaw/ LAX Line Nears Completion

Grimshaw Architects

Now that the Crenshaw/ LAX line is "substantially complete," work has begun on the $900-million transit hub that will connect the regional rail line to the LAX People Mover. The station will allow transfers between the Crenshaw/LAX and Green (C) Lines and the new automated electric- train system.

The hub will include: a bus plaza with 16 bays and an electric charging system; a multi- level structure for bikes and active transport; a customer service center; a vehicle drop off area; public toilets for commuters; commercial space, and a sculpture by LA artist Glenn Kaino will be a centerpiece of the station's structure.

The Crenshaw/ LAX line is expected to begin servicing commuters in late 2022 or early 2023. The Airport Metro Connector Station is expected to open sometime in 2024.

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