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Worker Safety Alliance Agreement Between Cal/ OSHA, Federal OSHA and Mexican Consulates Renewed

Cal/OSHA, Federal OSHA and Mexican Consulates in California Renew Alliance Agreement to Promote Workplace Safety and Health

In an ongoing effort to educate workers on California’s nation-leading workplace safety and health standards, Cal/OSHA, Federal OSHA and the Mexican Consulate have renewed an alliance agreement to provide training on workers’ rights and employers’ responsibilities in California. The two-year agreement includes a commitment to provide training and resources in Spanish on hazards impacting immigrant workers including falls, electrocution and heat illness. Training topics also include the right to report unsafe conditions regardless of immigration status by filing a confidential complaint with Cal/OSHA. A team of representatives from Cal/OSHA, Federal OSHA and the Mexican Consulate will develop a plan of action and meet throughout the year to track and share information on activities and goals of the alliance. Cal/OSHA’s Alliance Program works with groups committed to worker safety and health to prevent workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities. These groups include trade associations, labor unions and other labor groups, professional associations, educational institutions, community and faith-based organizations, consulates, local, state, and federal government agencies and more. Participants in the Alliance Program support Cal/OSHA's strategic goals by developing alliance agreements that contain work plans to raise awareness of safety and health hazards through outreach and communication, and training and education. Cal/OSHA is a division of the California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR). DIR partners with Mexican Consulates each year during Labor Rights Week from August 30 to September 3. Team members from Cal/OSHA and other DIR divisions join representatives from Mexican Consulates at events throughout California during the week to educate workers on their rights and employers on their responsibilities.


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