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$45M Utah Highway Widening Goes to Granite

Courtesy of Granite Construction

General contractor, Granite Construction, headquartered in Watsonville, California, has secured a $45 million contract from the Utah Department of Transportation to enhance and widen State Route 108 in Davis County, located to the north of Salt Lake City. The project will be financed with a combination of state and federal funds.

This project entails a substantial overhaul of the existing roadway, transitioning it from a three-lane asphalt thoroughfare to a five-lane concrete highway, as stated by Granite. The comprehensive reconstruction and expansion project will also replace all utility and infrastructure components along the route.

Notable project improvements include:

  • Installation of 10,000 linear feet of storm drainage systems.

  • Laying down 7,000 linear feet of irrigation infrastructure.

  • Incorporating 2,000 linear feet of water main infrastructure.

  • Positioning 2,000 linear feet of sewer main improvements.

Granite's project plans entail the utilization of 48,000 tons of untreated base course, 21,000 tons of concrete sand, and 16,000 tons of concrete aggregates sourced from its nearby South Wells Facility. Additionally, the company will acquire 2,000 tons of hot mix asphalt from its West Haven Facility near Ogden, Utah, to streamline the procurement of essential materials.

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