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More LAX Construction as Runway Jobs Go to Granite


Granite Construction has won a $174 million contract to handle construction of new exit taxiways and to rehabilitate some of the north complex runways at Los Angeles International Airport. Granite will build four new taxiways, as well as reconstruct two existing runways according to a company news release.

During construction, two of LAX's major runways will be sequentially shut down as work is done in double, 10-hour shifts over the course of nearly a year. Crews will work six days a week with occasional seven day weeks during this period as well.

Granite notes that the company will be recycling 85,000 tons of materials on site while self-producing approximately 85,000 cubic yards of concrete- meeting FAA pavement standards for use on runways. This will bolster safety and operations an the tarmac and extend pavement life.

Funds will be provided by Los Angeles World Airports Capital Improvement Plan and the Federal Aviation Administration. Work is expected to commence this month with a completion date of April 2025 according to Granite

Read news release on Granite Construction

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