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Biden Signs Order Mandating Project Labor Agreements on Federal Construction Projects

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

President Joe Biden has signed an executive order requiring union labor and work rules on major federal construction projects. The order stipulates that all federal projects budgeted at more than $35 million must use "project labor agreements."

Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) are collective bargaining agreements between unions and contractors that assure set wages, conditions of employment, and dispute resolution. At a press conference today, President Biden stressed that PLAs will save taxpayers money because potential conflicts will be reconciled ahead of time.

“When big construction projects are completed efficiently with the highest degree of professionalism, it’s good for the American taxpayer,” he said.

The executive order is the latest effort by Biden to follow through on his pledge to support union labor. Biden has previously asserted that he intends to helm the most pro-labor administration in American history.

“I promised you that you’d have a union president and I am because you are the best,” said Mr. Biden. “You guys really are the best workers in the world.”

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