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California to See $1.9B in Transpo. Infrastructure Upgrades

The California Transportation Commission (CTC) has allocated $1.9 billion towards transportation infrastructure across the state. This funding supports investments in bridges, roadways, transit, and improved facilities for pedestrians and cyclists.

The latest allocations include nearly $430 million from the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) and $740 million from Senate Bill 1, the Road Repair and Accountability Act.

Key projects funded by this $1.9 billion commitment include significant investments in the state’s bridge network, such as $27.4 million for the Interstate 405 improvement project in Los Angeles County, over $4 million for bridge repairs on Interstate 80 in Alameda County, and $600,000 for the replacement of the Ackerman Creek Bridge in Mendocino County.

Additional projects funded by this allocation will focus on constructing or renovating shoreline embankments, bus, bicycle, and pedestrian infrastructure, and railroad overcrossings.

“California’s transportation infrastructure is critical to the economic and cultural lifeblood of our state, and this funding provides key support in our mission to provide a safe, equitable and sustainable transportation system for all users,” said Caltrans Director Tony Tavares.

Other approved projects include:

  • Approximately $1.2 million for the construction of a left-turn lane, installation of lighting, and other roadway improvements on U.S. 101 from the Rowdy Creek Bridge to Timbers Boulevard near Smith River in Del Norte County.

  • Approximately $1.8 million for guardrail and other roadway safety improvements on U.S. 101 from north of the Wilson Creek Bridge to south of Crescent City in Del Norte County.

  • Approximately $28.5 million, including more than $25.2 million in federal IIJA funding and $3.3 million in SB1 funding, for roadway and guardrail improvements from south of Shimmins Ridge Road to north of Old Sherwood Road near Willits in Mendocino County.

  • Approximately $3 million for roadway and culvert upgrades and the installation of a radar feedback sign on Route 29 from north of Butts Canyon Road to south of Grange Road near Middletown in Lake County.

  • Approximately $2.6 million in SB1 funding for emergency roadway and culvert repairs and debris removal on U.S. 101 from north of the Newton Road Undercrossing and on Route 254 to north of Lum Street/Newton Road near Weott in Humboldt County, following heavy rainfall starting on February 14, 2024.

  • Approximately $6.5 million for emergency repairs, including roadway, viaduct, retaining wall, and culvert repairs, and erosion control on Route 1 south of the Juan Creek Bridge near Rockport in Mendocino County, following heavy rainfall starting on January 31, 2024.

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