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Crenshaw Boulevard Adjacent Pocket Park Gets Makeover

Just east of Crenshaw Boulevard, a revitalization project is underway to transform a community green space into a hub for local residents. The proposed renovation of 11th Avenue Park, encompassing approximately 0.27 acres at 6116 S. 11th Avenue, is an effort to enhance the neighborhood's recreational offerings.

Currently, the park features minimal amenities, consisting of a basic play ground and limited seating. However, a new vision outlined in a presentation to the Los Angeles Board of Recreation and Parks Commissioners outlines a significant overhaul.

The redesign by EPT Design envisions a space that will include: a new playground, exercise equipment, new seating and benches, a sheltered picnic area, an amphitheater, and new landscaping.

This project is made possible by a $2.4 million Proposition 68 grant secured by the Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust. The transformation of 11th Avenue Park is part of a larger trend in Hyde Park, which has experienced a surge in residential development with the introduction of Metro's K Line.

As the neighborhood evolves, community designers have focused on walk-ability and adding green spaces with a handful of recent additions. A nearby pocket park on Victoria Avenue, was completed in 2019, and the park renovation is complemented by the expansive Destination Crenshaw project, which introduces public art and open spaces to the neighborhood.

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