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Girl Scouts Partner w/ Home Depot to Launch Skilled Trades Training Program

Girl Scouts USA

On Tuesday, the Home Depot Foundation announced a partnership with Girl Scouts of USA to provide skilled trades training and career education for young women.

The workshops will cater to Girls Scouts from 8th to 12th grade who have achieved Cadet, Senior and Ambassador level status. The young women can expect to receive hand-on experience in carpentry as well as other building trades from female industry professionals.

“At Girl Scouts, we help girls discover who they want to be by introducing them to a wide variety of experiences to see what sparks their interest. From the very beginning, one of those experiences has been the skilled trades,” says Suzanne Harper, senior director of national programs and partnerships for the Girls Scouts of America, “We are thrilled to partner with The Home Depot Foundation to provide this innovative hands-on skilled trades experience that will allow girls to see themselves in these essential careers by connecting with role models to whom they can relate.”

The program will be initially offered in Atlanta, Denver and Houston.

Read the full news release at Home Depot

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