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Man Allegedly Lured and Then Attacked Construction Day Laborers

Christopher Cella/Suffollk County

Several Latino day laborers were baited with promises of work and then attacked in what police are calling premeditated hate crimes. The men were lured to fake construction jobsites and then beaten and choked.

Police report that Christopher Cella of Selden, N.Y. picked the men up outside of a 7-Eleven and drove them down the road to a nearby condo complex and construction site. It was there that the men were accosted and where the ordeal was captured by nearby cameras.

Rodman Serrano of the non-profit group Make The Road NY said of the attack, “Deeply outrageous and upsetting, especially these areas of Suffolk County there has been a history of targeted violence towards immigrants, towards Latinos.”

Cella is facing hate crime, harassment, and unlawful imprisonment charges. In court, his family claimed that Cella is suffering from mental health issues and may be under the influence of drugs.

Read the full story on CBS2NY

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