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New Plans For DTLA and Hollywood Voted in by L.A. City Council

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The Los Angeles City Council voted on May 3rd to adopt updated zoning and land use rules for the Downtown and Hollywood neighborhoods, paving the way for growth and development in these areas over the next few decades. The Downtown plan, known as DTLA 2040, is a revision of the Central City and Central City North community plans, covering the entire area within the L.A. River, 101, 110, and 10 freeways, and the Chinatown community to the north.

The Planning Department expects the new zoning to support up to 175,000 residents and 100,000 jobs in the area by 2040. This should account for about 20% of the city's expected growth during that period.

DTLA 2040 is set to become the first community plan to incorporate the elements of re:code LA, which is the city's ongoing overhaul of the zoning code. This includes the form, function, and use district that govern the size, shape, and height of new buildings. The plan also does away with minimum parking prerequisites for new developments, enabling applicants to construct parking spaces based on their interpretation of demand.

In contrast to the Downtown plan, the Hollywood plan revision does not include any features of re:code LA. In part, due to a court ruling that overturned a previous update to the plan. The judge concluded that city officials had used outdated population statistics as the foundation for their work.

The Hollywood plan spans approximately 22 square miles from the City of West Hollywood to Silver Lake, and houses just over 200,000 inhabitants and 100,000 jobs. Although not as ambitious as DTLA 2040, the Hollywood plan lays the groundwork for expansion also until 2040. The updated land usage guidelines aim to accommodate up to 264,000 residents and 127,000 jobs in the forthcoming years.

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