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Newsom's California Comeback Plan Includes 5.1 Billion for Water Infrastructure

Gage Skidmore/Creative Commons

California Governor Gavin Newsom included $5.1 billion in his proposed economic recovery package that will address the issue of drought preparedness and fund implementation of long term water infrastructure projects.

"Shoring up our water resilience, especially in small and disadvantaged communities, is imperative to safeguarding the future of our state in the face of devastating climate change impacts that are intensifying drought conditions and threatening our communities, the economy and the environment. This package of bold investments will equip the state with the tools we need to tackle the drought emergency head-on while addressing long-standing water challenges and helping to secure vital and limited water supplies to sustain our state into the future.” the Governor said during a visit to Merced County's San Luis Reservoir.

The proposal was announced during a week-long Statewide tour meant to highlight Newsom's recovery plan.

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