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Survey Reveals Majority of Contractors Have Experienced Highway Jobsite Crashes

According to a survey by the Associated General Contractors of America and construction software firm HCSS, nearly two-thirds of highway contractors have witnessed a car crash in a highway work zone in the past year. Only 36% of respondents reported no collisions in their work zones, while 33% reported experiencing five or more. The survey indicates that drivers are more likely than construction workers to be injured or killed in these incidents.

The respondents expressed a strong desire for state officials to take action, with many indicating that current penalties for reckless driving in work zones are insufficient. Survey participants overwhelmingly identified several key measures to reduce highway work zone crashes:

  • Increased police presence at work zone sites (82%).

  • Stricter enforcement of moving violations (72%).

  • Stricter laws regarding cell phone use while driving (66%).

Additionally, 60% believe that automated ticketing for speeding in work zones could help reduce collisions. "Automated enforcement laws would go a long way in improving work zone safety, especially if the work zone is on the driver’s daily route," said Steve McGough, president and CEO of HCSS. "It compels drivers to decrease their speed and pay closer attention to their surroundings."

During a press call about the report, McGough noted that with the substantial public funding from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, more states are considering using federal funds to implement automated protection measures. However, experts acknowledged that changing the rules is challenging and time-consuming.

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