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Plans for LAX Ground Transportation Hubs on Display


Design concepts for ITF East and ITF West will be showcased by the engineering firm HNTB and construction firm Swinerton at a December 13 meeting of the Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Commission. Beyond the LAX people mover that will link LAX central terminal with stops including a new consolidated rental car facility and a more than $900-million Metro Rail station. the $5.5-billion landside access modernization program, known as LAMP, will encompass two additional ground transportation hubs. These hubs, named Intermodal Transportation Facilities East and West, will play a pivotal role in redirecting passenger drop-off and pick-up traffic away from the congested horseshoe area of the airport.

ITF East is strategically located to serve both the consolidated rental car facility and the in-progress Metro rail hub at 96th Street. Functioning as the primary pick-up and drop-off point for passengers arriving by private vehicle, this ground transportation center will seamlessly connect to the people mover through a new plaza. The project will include metal canopy shelters, outdoor seating, charge stations, decorative lighting, and landscaping. Additionally, public restrooms will be conveniently situated in the adjacent rental car facility.

ITF West is planned to replace an existing Avis rental car lot, now relocated within the consolidated rental car facility (Conrac). Designed as the primary queuing location for Uber, Lyft, and other transportation network companies, as well as shuttle buses and taxis, the west facility mirrors its counterpart with features such as metal canopy shelters, seating, charging stations, and public restrooms situated in the nearby economy lot parking garage.

Anticipated to be operational in 2024, both the people mover and the new ground transportation facilities represent significant milestones in enhancing the efficiency and accessibility of LAX.

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