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Experts Look to Nearby Real Estate as Temporary Solution to Port of Los Angeles Log Jam

Port of Los Angeles

Port experts are trying to come up with solutions to supply chain disruptions that have the Port of Los Angeles backed up with hundreds of supply ships unable to unload their goods. Recently, President Biden announced that the port would switch to 24/7 operations and officials have responded with some temporary work-arounds including using commercial real estate away from the ports as staging grounds.

Port Envoy John Porcari and Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Gene Seroka discussed the details involved with shifting to an around-the-clock schedule.

“We’re actively pursuing multiple ideas,” Porcari said during a digital press conference. "One of them are inland pop-up sites that can be used to ground containers on an interim basis on either public or private property. That provides some temporary help while longer-term capacity issues are addressed.”

Together, the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach receive forty percent of the shipping containers that come to the U.S.

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