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LA Voters Decide Local Contractors Come First

On Tuesday, voters in Los Angeles turned out in support of ballot measure BB which will ensure that LA based contractors are given preference when bidding jobs. The amendment updates language in the city's charter that will specify "city of Los Angeles" under its definition of local.

This allows the city to grant contracting bid preferences to Los Angeles city businesses. This is significant as currently the charter only calls for contracts to be awarded to bidders with the lowest prices that are "local" within Los Angeles County and California.

“Labor costs, rent, utilities, insurance, sales taxes, businesses taxes are often higher (in the city) than those outside the city limits and can place businesses located within the city of LA at a competitive disadvantage,” said one of the authors of the measure, Councilman Paul Koretz.

Koretz believes that giving preference to Los Angeles businesses could result in economic growth for Los Angeles and generate more tax revenue for the city.

“We ask a lot of our businesses in the city of LA. We hold them to higher standards than the cities that surround us,” said Councilwoman Nithya Raman in support of the motion. “We should also make it as easy for them to get our city dollars as possible.”

Read full story on Spectrum News 1

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