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YouTube Brands SoFi-Adjacent Theater; Marking Foray into Live Events

Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times

The new YouTube branded 6,000-seat arena theater next to SoFi Stadium in Hollywood Park signifies the further expansion of the internet giant into the realm of live events. The 13-foot-high digital screen in front of the theater (where passersby can watch YouTube influencers) is a soon-to-be iconic element that's emblematic of the digital video platform's plans to bring YouTube talent and content in the IRL (in real life).

“That intimacy that YouTube has always created between the actual creator and the fan, no matter where they are in the world, is something we’d like to continue even in the IRL space,” Angela Courtin, YouTube’s vice president of brand marketing, said in an interview.

The venue could become a launchpad for successful influencers to draw live in-person audiences based off of their virtual popularity.

“By having their own dedicated space, they can take those risks that you couldn’t take at a Staples Center,” said Kyle Hjelmeseth, president of G&B Digital Management.

“It’s going to be incredible for the creator economy,” he said. “This is a massive step... toward bringing creators to the public in a more real way.”

As part of the almost 300-acre Hollywood Park development, the three-story venue is expected to become a featured attraction alongside SoFi stadium and American Airlines Plaza. In addition to office units, developers plan to add retail shops and residential housing as well.

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